7 tips for activities for a family with children in Lofoten

Lofoten is one of Norway’s most remarkable destinations, known for its majestic mountains, turquoise sea and white beaches. For a family with children, Lofoten can be a dream destination with its abundance of outdoor activities and experiences that will create unforgettable memories.

1. Mountain tours for the whole family

Lofoten has some of Norway’s most impressive mountains, and there are countless trails that are suitable for the whole family. In Lofoten, you often don’t have to go very far to get fantastic views.

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2. Explore the beaches

Lofoten has a selection of beautiful beaches that are perfect for families with children. Play in the sand, build sand castles and take a refreshing dip in the crystal clear water. Hauklandstranda and Uttakleiv are two popular beaches that should be on your list.

3. Snorkeling

Snorkeling trips are suitable for most people, children and adults alike. The sea in Lofoten bustles with life in the summer, and with a visibility of around 20 metres, the conditions are ideal for exploring the underwater world. The guided snorkelling trips take you on a boat trip to the most beautiful snorkelling spots.

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4. Hunting for the northern lights

If you visit Lofoten in winter, you should not miss the chance to observe the magical northern lights. This is an unforgettable experience for the children, who are sure to be fascinated by the dancing colorful lights in the sky.

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5. The Lofoten Aquarium

Take the family to the Lofoten Aquarium. Here you can get up close to fish and sea animals. Everything from sea sausages and crabs to halibut and skrei. Join in the feeding of the seals and otters. The aquarium also has a pleasant and family-friendly cafe with a fantastic sea view.

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6. Lofotr Viking Museum

At the Lofotr Viking Museum in Borg you can experience the Viking Age in a living environment. Here you can greet many different animals, join a sailing trip in the Viking ship, smell the tar and bonfire, eat the Vikings’ food and hear their history.

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7. Wildlife safari

Take the family on a wildlife safari where you can see seabirds, sea eagles and maybe even killer whales. The eagles are often fed fish from the boat, so that you can see them up close. The boat trip on the wildlife safaris is often an experience in itself.

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7 tips for activities for a group of friends in Lofoten

Lofoten can offer a sea of ​​fantastic experiences for groups of friends seeking adventure and nature. Here are seven activity tips that will hopefully fill your trip with laughter and good memories.

1. Coasteering

Experience nature’s own water park in Lofoten. Coasteering is an activity where you swim, climb and jump along the coastline, wearing a wetsuit, life jacket and helmet. Lofoten’s pristine coastline is perfect for coasteering with its hidden coves, bays and beaches.

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2. Surfing

The two most famous surfing spots in Lofoten are the beach at Unstad and Flakstadstranda. Both beaches organize courses, serve food and have surfing equipment for hire.

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3. Rib trips

Join us for a fantastic experience in large and fast inflatable boats. The organizers are happy to tailor the trips according to the wishes of your group. It can be anything from wave rafting, bird safaris, orca safaris, visits to old fishing villages or a beach party with grilled food and good drinks under the midnight sun.

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4. Golf in Lofoten

Take your group of friends on a unique golf experience. The golf course on Gimsøya in Lofoten is located right by the ocean with an unobstructed view of the midnight sun and is one of the world’s most spectacular golf courses. The course has 18 holes and has the sea as a natural water obstacle and sandy beaches as natural sand bunkers.

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5. Sign up for a sports competition

Lofoten has many races with participants from all over the world. Sign up for triathlons, running competitions in the mountains or world championships in ice fishing.

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6. Cultural experiences

During the summer months, several large festivals are organized in Lofoten, which may be worth planning your trip after. There is something magical about great musical experiences surrounded by fantastic nature. Lofoten also has several museums, galleries and an aquarium you can visit.

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7. Yoga

At the Trevarefabrikken in Henningsvær, yoga is organized several times a week. Here they offer varied yoga classes in what they call the Trandamperiet, a hidden oasis on the third floor, with a fantastic view of the sea. To join the yoga classes, you can pay for drop-in, buy clip cards or monthly membership. In between, they also organize yoga retreats that last several days.