Henningsvær, in the heart of Lofoten!!

Fishing in Lofoten

The Lofoten Sea - exciting fishing for young and old!

During the winter, in February, March and April, you can take part in the famous Lofoten Cod Fishery that takes places only a 15-20 minute boat ride away from your rorbu cabin.

In May and June, fishing for wolf fish, plaice and large cod is the thing. July and August are the months for the gigantic saithe (coley), 12-14 kilo fish that can be as strong as salmon. In July there will often be mackerel just off shore.

Autumn is the time for a variety of catches including saithe, cod, haddock and halibut..

The biggest cod caught at our rorbu camp weighed 36 kilos! The biggest saithe weighed an incredible 21 kilos. A member of the owner's family caught a cod weighing an amazing 51.8 kilos just off Henningsvær.


Worth knowing!

"In Search of the Big One," is a 90 minute video about cod fishing in Lofoten, catching wolf fish in Fedje, and cod and saithe fishing in Sørøya. During their stay in Lofoten, Team Mustad Norway, who we follow throughout the film, had their headquarters at Henningsvær Rorbuer. Should you wish to purchase the video, please visit www.abfilm.no The video is also on sale at the Henningsvær Rorbuer reception desk.

- the setting alone, with majestic mountains, eagles and daylight that shifts and transforms in a profusion of colours, makes your journey worthwhile!

Deep Sea Rafting (for groups)

A fantastic adventure on board giant, high-speed rubber dinghies

- in the sunshine along the Lofoten mountain wall, or in rough seas where you can really feel at one with the elements. We offer tailor-made trips to suit your own requirements, including breaker rafting, seabird safaris, killer whale safaris, visits to old fishing villages in Lofoten, or visits ashore for barbecues and drinks in the light of the Midnight Sun.