Henningsvær, in the heart of Lofoten!!

Diving / snorkeling in the Lofoten Islands

Lofoten can probably boast of Europe's clearest and purest waters.

The coastal current that unremittingly pumps clean water from the Atlantic Ocean between the islands and beyond, is largely responsible for the distinctive and diverse marine life found in Lofoten. Beneath the current and on the cliff walls lie blankets of soft corals that filter the nutritious waters.

Scuba divers can feel the pull and intensity of the current over a stretch of up to 1.5 kilometres in the Raftsundet strait, or free fall down 50-200 metre deep underwater mountain walls. Areas with crevices and underwater canyons, surrounded by endless forests of swaying sea tangle, stand in contrast with the chalky white coral sand on the seabed. Wolf fish lie there in waiting, they are numerous in Lofoten.