Henningsvær, in the heart of Lofoten!!

Lofotr Viking museum

Lofotr is one of 10-15 Iron Age chieftains seats in North Norway. But Borg is the only site where the chieftain's residence has been found. The archaeological surveys carried out here between 1983 and 1986 uncovered an unusual abundance of finds, including an 83 metre long house – the largest known in the Viking world. The chieftain's seat was established in 500 AD, and abandoned around the year 950. The last chieftain to reside at Borg was probably Olaf Tvennumbruni who re-located to Iceland, most likely as a result of internal conflict between chieftains.

The chieftain's residence has now been reconstructed and is part of "Lofotr – the Viking Museum of Borg," a major attraction and an exciting meeting with the world of the Vikings.