Henningsvær, in the heart of Lofoten!!

Lofotr Viking museum

Lofotr is one of 10-15 Iron Age chieftains seats in North Norway. But Borg is the only site where the chieftain's residence has been found. The archaeological surveys carried out here between 1983 and 1986 uncovered an unusual abundance of finds, including an 83 metre long house – the largest known in the Viking world. The chieftain's seat was established in 500 AD, and abandoned around the year 950. The last chieftain to reside at Borg was probably Olaf Tvennumbruni who re-located to Iceland, most likely as a result of internal conflict between chieftains.

The chieftain's residence has now been reconstructed and is part of "Lofotr – the Viking Museum of Borg," a major attraction and an exciting meeting with the world of the Vikings.


See the magical light of Lofoten!

One of the things that most people notice when visiting Lofoten for the first time, is the enormous variation and contrast made by daylight conditions.
These daylight conditions, and how beautiful and exciting they are, have been described in innumerable books, magazines and periodicals, but even so, we dare say it is something you really have to see for yourself.


Diving / snorkeling in the Lofoten Islands

Lofoten can probably boast of Europe's clearest and purest waters.

The coastal current that unremittingly pumps clean water from the Atlantic Ocean between the islands and beyond, is largely responsible for the distinctive and diverse marine life found in Lofoten. Beneath the current and on the cliff walls lie blankets of soft corals that filter the nutritious waters.

Scuba divers can feel the pull and intensity of the current over a stretch of up to 1.5 kilometres in the Raftsundet strait, or free fall down 50-200 metre deep underwater mountain walls. Areas with crevices and underwater canyons, surrounded by endless forests of swaying sea tangle, stand in contrast with the chalky white coral sand on the seabed. Wolf fish lie there in waiting, they are numerous in Lofoten.



Lofoten Links

In the near vicinity, you will find Lofoten Golf Links, a 9 hole seaside golf course that follows the natural contours of the countryside. Its location by the ocean, with a clear view to the north and the Midnight Sun, makes golfing on this course a unique experience. The sea poses a natural traps at several of the holes and small beaches act as bunkers. At Lofoten Golf Links, the sun can be your companion 24 hours a day! The links were designed by the well-known golf course architect Jeremy Turner.

The golf links are suitable for both professionals and groups that are just looking for some enjoyable golfing fun!

For those with more time on their hands, beginner's courses are held every weekend during the season, from May to October.