About Henningsvær

Henningsvær is perhaps Lofoten’s most famous fishing village. The place is also called the Venice of the North, this is because the archipelago is connected by several bridges and breakwaters.

Henningsvær is protected by the national antiquities because of the fishing village’s great cultural and historical values. Here, the original environment has been preserved, with white-washed sea houses, and rowboats close together.

Behind the houses along the pier is a colorful mix of residential buildings, shops, workshops, cafes, restaurants and accommodation. All around the fishing village are the hjelles, which are drying places for dried fish, and not least a well-known motif from Lofoten.

Henningsvær also has a football field that is world-renowned due to its unique location on a narrow outcrop in the sea.

Henningsvær in winter

The run-up to Christmas in Henningsvær means mulled wine and competitions, cinnamon rolls and coffee, sauna and winter bathing, local produce, cozy shops, gallery visits and concerts. “The Christmas adventure” is organized every year in November and December.

During the last part of the winter, Henningsvær is the center for the world’s largest cod fishery, Lofoten fishing. During Lofoten fishing, there is a lot of life in the harbor with boats and fishermen.

From Henningsvær, it is a short distance to several spectacular top tour routes if you want to experience the Lofoten mountains on skis. See an overview of activities here..

Eating and drinking in Henningsvær

Henningsvær may be a small place, but it can still offer many high-quality cafes and restaurants, several with a focus on local ingredients and traditions. See an overview of places to eat in Henningsvær here..

Facts about Henningsvær